Please Note: The best in class top rated Upper East Side plastic surgeon, Dr. Keith Blechman, accepts insurance for breast reduction plastic surgery.

Women with large breasts may experience back, neck, and shoulder pain, rashes beneath the breasts and grooving along the shoulders from their bra straps. Some women are very self-conscious about their large breast size, and many have difficulty finding properly fitting bras and clothing. The goal of breast reduction surgery is to produce breasts that are smaller, lifted, and more naturally in proportion with your body, which can help correct posture, reduce pain, eliminate skin irritation, and improve self-image and confidence.

Breast Reduction (Through my Insurance) – New York. Dr. Blechman and his staff was amazing from consultation to post op care, and anything in between. Dr. Blechman is well educated and he makes sure you leave educated as well. He’s confident and realistic, he let me know the pros and any possible con, and I appreciated that. Mirsis; his assistant is a doll who loves what she does and it showed with every interaction I’ve had with her. ~ RealSelf

During your consultation, Dr. Blechman will discuss your desires and expectations with you. Measurements will be taken and an individualized plan tailored to your needs will be explained.

I don’t know where to begin. I will first say Dr Blechman was simply amazing. I went into his office for a breast reduction consultation. His assistant Mersis handled all the paperwork with my insurance company. Even when getting a delayed response she told me not to worry she would follow up with them and that’s exactly what she did. Fast forward 2 months later and one week post op….Im loving the new me. I had a massive reduction with a lift and I am so elated Dr Blechman has done such a wonderful job, he has completely changed my life. I went from a 40 H to a 40 c. Thank you Dr Blechman!!!! ~ RealSelf

Breast reduction plastic surgery removes excess skin, breast tissue, and fat from the breasts. The areola is also usually reduced in size. There are a variety of surgical techniques available to perform breast reduction surgery. Depending upon the size of your breasts and the volume to be reduced, an incision may be used which encircles the areola and follows a vertical line down towards the base of the breast (sometimes referred to as a lollipop breast reduction because of the shape of the incision). Some women will require an anchor-shape incision which includes the vertical portion, but also adds an additional incision along the natural fold underneath the breast. Regardless of what surgical approach is used, the result of the procedure is to remove excess skin and breast volume, and then re-suspend and re-drape the tissues to assume a naturally contoured shape. Doing so also repositions the nipple and areola so that they are in a more aesthetically pleasing location, pointing forward instead of down. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately three hours. Patients return home that same day.

  • Bruising and swelling are normal and may take a few weeks to resolve. Most of the stitches are beneath the skin and do not need to be removed. Patients are permitted to walk and return to their activities of daily living immediately following surgery, however, strenuous exercise should be avoided. Patients typically return to work in about a week.
  • Complications are uncommon. As an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Blechman takes a conservative and educated approach to breast reduction and will discuss in detail all the risks, alternatives, and benefits prior to performing surgery.
  • Many breast reductions are covered under health insurance plans. We are happy to work with your insurance carrier to get approval for coverage.

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