The amount of cartilage in the ear and its natural folding patterns are what determine the ear’s size and shape. If the ears are felt to be too big, or protrude too far from the scalp, surgery (referred to as otoplasty) can be used correct this. Otoplasty can be performed on adults, although it is most commonly performed on children, when the ears are close to their adult size, but before the patient is old enough to experience significant teasing at school. During your consultation Dr. Blechman will discuss your desires and expectations with you, and an individualized plan tailored to your needs will be explained.

An incision to access the cartilage is concealed behind the ear. The cartilage is then sculpted and repositioned to achieve a more aesthetically favorable size and shape, and the ear is placed in a more natural position relative to the scalp. Otoplasty typically takes two to three hours and is performed under general anesthesia unless the patient is old enough to tolerate the procedure under sedation.

Patients go home the day of surgery and are permitted to walk around and commence with light activities. A bulky bandage is wrapped around the ears for protection. The head bandage and stitches are removed within one week, and patients typically return to work or school around this time.

Complications from otoplasty are uncommon. As an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Blechman takes a conservative and educated approach to otoplasty, and will discuss in detail all the risks, alternatives, and benefits prior to performing surgery.

All consultations and procedures are performed by Keith M. Blechman, M.D., an Upper East Side NYC plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Blechman is a graduate of renowned plastic surgery training programs at both New York University and MD Anderson Cancer Center, and he specializes in cosmetic surgery, reconstructive procedures for skin cancer and breast cancer, as well as transgender breast surgery. Dr. Blechman is recognized for his expertise in the field and was honored to be included on the 2016 and 2015 New York Super Doctors lists.

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