We gladly offer repair, reduction, and reconstruction of earlobes. Patients frequently present with stretched ear-piercing holes, or with completely torn earlobes from earrings. These problems are simple to fix under local anesthesia in the office, and may only take as long as thirty minutes to complete. Dr. Blechman uses advanced wound closure techniques to give the most naturally-appearing aesthetic result. Postoperative pain is minimal and there are essentially no restrictions during the recovery period. Stitches placed in the skin are removed a week later. Patients may re-pierce their ears after approximately one month.

Earlobe reductions may also be performed in the office under local anesthesia with virtually no postoperative downtime. Earlobe reductions are sought after by patients born with large earlobes, or by patients who feel their earlobes have begun to sag with age and are seeking a more youthful appearance.

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